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Overview: Medieval Responses


Overview of the project undertaken by the students of the Spring 2017 section of "Medieval Art & Architecture" (History of Art 212) at Bryn Mawr College

Gold and Blood


Scope of the Exhibition

The aim of the exhibition Gold and Blood is to explore the technical details of the panel painting “Scourging of the Four Crowned Martyrs” by Niccolo di Pietro Gerini at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This includes an exploration of the materials used (tempera, gold) and the techniques used in their application (gold tooling, color mixing techniques). This project hopes to place Niccolo di Pietro Gerini’s painting in the context of trecento Italian panel painting, especially considering that Gerini frequently worked in collaboration with other Florentine artists. [1]



1. Gordon, Dillian. "Niccolò di Pietro Gerini." Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press. Web. 28 Mar. 2016


Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines Cloister



Saints and their Dragons


This exhibit will explore how different saints are depicted in their interactions with, and often slaying of, dragons as it relates to their legends and the symbolism of medieval dragons.

Medieval Stained Glass in the Saint-Chapelle


The Orchards outside Damascus Devestated by Holofere's Army

The Cloister with Elements from the Abbey of Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines


The Exhibition


   Entering the cloister at the PMA, took me to a different world where history lies. I wanted to explore this world through the different aspects of the cloister. I did my research on the purpose of the cloister when reconstructed, the significance of the different carvings on the capitals of the cloister, and how the cloister contributed to everyday life in a monastery to create an online exhibition.


Madonna and Virtues


Patronage in Medieval Europe


Analysis of the patronage of nonsecular art in Medieval Europe.

Piety, Politics, & Power


Although thought of as solely devotional objects, relics played a large part in determining the political environment of Medieval Europe. Objects of worship and objects of desire, this exhibit explores the power relics held in Christianity and the royal court.

The Scourging of the Four Crowned Martyrs


This exhibition investigates how composition and monstrosity in the panel of the Scourging of the Four Crowned Martyrs contributes to our understanding of justice in the Middle Ages.